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The Best Glasses for Your Face Shape

The secret to looking good in glasses is to match them with your face shape. But that can be easier said than done. Unless, of course, you get expert guidance right here from Vint & York. We’re serving up straightforward advice on what type of glasses is the right fit for your face shape. And we’re confident you’ll dig the results.

We also go a bit deeper than the usual tips and tricks to perfect spectacles , which typically tell you to pick a shape that balances your facial features. But there’s more to it than that.

Keep reading and you’ll learn how to take other facial characteristics into account, giving you the details you need to choose a pair of glasses that looks like it was made for your face. What’s more, we’ll also give you a rundown on what glasses to avoid. Ready? Then here comes 2019’s best sunglasses and eyeglasses for any face shape.

Oh, yeah. We also have an added bonus for you. You don’t have to simply take our word on what glasses best match your face. You can see for yourself. All you need to do is find the Vint & York frames you want to try, then click the button that takes you to our Virtual try-on page . This try-on widget transforms your screen into a virtual real-time mirror. You don’t even have to snap or upload a photo!

But before you get to that, let’s get down to our original business of helping you find the glasses that go best with your face.

What Face Shape Do I Have?

You can determine your face shape by simply looking in the mirror.

Whether your facial features lean toward round, oval, square, diamond or heart, you’ll be able to find something that suits you wonderfully. There are glasses out there to align with every silhouette. Not sure what face shape you have? Check out the details on each to determine where yours fits, and then check out the frames we recommend.

Glasses for Round Faces

The round face is one of the most common shapes. It’s characterized by rounded features and its lack of angular points. If your bone structure doesn’t have a lot of angles, the facial lines are soft and curvy, and your cheeks are fuller, you probably have a round face.

Choosing glasses for your round-shaped faces starts by focusing on taking attention away from the fullness of the face. At the same time, you want to contour your face by adding defined lines to your look. . Choose frames that are well- defined, like cat-eye shapes or square wayfarers. Rectangular and angular frame shapes will add sharpness, highlight your cheekbones and overall make your face look more contoured overall.
Round faces do best to avoid round frames, whether they’re sunglasses or eyeglasses. Adding more roundness to a round face shape is not particularly flattering, and it can make a face look overly full.

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How to Choose the Best Glasses for Round Faces

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sunglasses for round face
The Firm magnetic clip-on sunglasses align well with round faces- Get yours at Vint & York now!
cat eye eyeglasses in tortoise shell
Mulberry cat eye eyeglasses are purrfect for round faces – Get yours here !

Glasses for Oval/Oblong Faces

Oval faces have a slightly elongated shape. They typically have a narrow chin and cheekbones placed a little higher on the face. If your face seems evenly proportioned with a softly curved jawline, count yourself lucky because you likely have an oval or oblong shape.

Oval or oblong faces are lucky because they are the easiest to pair. That’s because oval faces look good with just about any eyeglass frame. The most sought after frames for oblong faces are geometric ones, like square or rectangular in wider, oversized silhouettes . Such oversized glasses highlight the natural balance of the oblong face. With an oval face, you’re safe to experiment with whatever you want, whether it’s quirky colors or textures, thick rims or distinctive frame shapes.
There are really no general eyeglass frame categories you need to avoid with an oval or oblong face, although you may find specific styles are less flattering than others. For instance, very small spectacles may look unbalanced or out of place unless you have a very small oblong face.

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How to Choose the Best Glasses for Oval/Oblong Faces

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glasses for oval face
Keen eyeglasses look spectacular on an oblong face – Get them here !
sunglasses frames for oval face shape
Vint & York Bowery sunglasses are another amazing choice for oblong or oval faces.

Glasses for Heart-Shaped Faces

If your visage is like a base-up triangle, then you more than likely have a heart-shaped face. This face shape is characterized by a wider forehead that narrows down to a pointed chin. It’s also generally blessed with and high and well-defined cheekbones. The heart-shaped, silhouette gives you a very cheerful and well-mannered appearance.

When it comes to picking eyewear for a heart-shaped face, your goal is to create balance by drawing attention to the top of your face and adding width to your chin. Round and oval-shaped glasses , like a modified wayfarer, and rimless glasses are especially flattering if you want to soften your angular lines. Look for winged-out frames that jut out slightly wider than your forehead . Heart-shaped faces want to stay clear of top-heavy, oversized frames as well as frames with decorative designs. Adding more weight to the forehead can make a heart-shaped face appear out of proportion. Opt instead for a pair of glasses that is thin, light and soft-edged.

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How to Choose the Best Glasses for Heart-Shaped Faces

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glasses for heart shaped face
Billy B glasses in a wooden pattern pair perfectly with a heart-shaped face – Get them now at Vint & York!
glasses for heart shaped face
Vint & York Attaboy sunglasses appear they were made specifically for heart-shaped faces.

Glasses for Square Faces

Square faces are characterized by a jaw, cheekbones and forehead that are all the same width. Unlike with other face shapes that have cheekbones placed higher on the face, your square faces have cheekbones that are in line with other facial features. Square faces are the only face shape that have a strong horizontal jawline that exudes confidence and no-nonsense

Due to its geometrical traits, square-shaped faces should go for thinner frames in rounder styles that are slightly wider than their cheekbones. Along with rimless or semi-rimless silhouettes , such frames will soften the angular points and create a beautiful contrast to highlight your natural beauty. For balance, make sure your glasses are wider than your cheekbones. If you feel like adding length to your face, pick glasses that sit high on the nose.
Square faces want to avoid glasses that are too narrow, which means the same width or narrower than your cheekbones.


How to Choose the Best Glasses for Square Faces

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round glasses for big faces
The Charleston metal frames are ideal for square faces – Get them now !
sunglasses for square face
Vint & York Bearcat sunglasses are gorgeous on square faces.

Glasses for Diamond-Shaped Faces

As round-shaped faces are the most common face shape, diamond-shaped faces are the rarest. Recognizable by wider cheekbones and a narrower forehead and jawline, diamond-shaped faces brighten up when accessorized with glasses that draw attention to your eyes, eyebrows and forehead.

Round and oval frames with a strong browline or pointed temples are your best option, as they’ll help balance your facial traits by giving it a softer look. Cat-eye glasses are another good pick, with the slightly upward design giving the illusion of a wider forehead. If you want to flaunt your best asset – your cheekbones, feel free to go rimless .
Diamond-shaped faces want to avoid glasses with narrow frames, as they won’t look right with broad cheekbones and narrow eye line. Frames that are too small in height or too rounded are another option to skip because they emphasize the length of your face while being swallowed up by your strong facial features.

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How to Choose the Best Glasses for Diamond-Shaped Faces

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tips on picking glasses for heart faces
Madison pink eyeglasses are a delight on diamond-shaped faces – Get yours now !!
clubmaster eyeglasses for diamond shaped face
The Fitzgerald eyeglasses are another fine choice for diamond-shaped faces – Get yours now !!

Glasses for Small Faces

Besides face shape, people need to consider the size of their face when selecting eyeglasses or even sunglasses. Those with small faces look best lean with smaller glasses that don’t swallow up their faces. This usually includes rectangular, oval, and cat-eye frames . Square and round frames can work too, as long as they’re not too big vertically for your particular facial features.

Thinner rims made of, acetate or metal are the most flattering, but with correct sizing, you can nail thicker rims as well. If you prefer more lightness and less material to cover your face, you can go all the way with rimless and semi-rimless while still looking your best.


How to Choose the Best Glasses for Small Faces

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eyeglasses for narrow small face
The Vint & York Roosevelt – is perfect fit for a narrow face
glasses diamond heart shape face
Small faces look gorgeous in the Vint & York Casablanca

Glasses for Big Faces

People with larger faces often encounter some difficulties finding the perfect pair of glasses. The trick is actually simple: look for frames that are wider, bigger or the same size as your face. Oversized and thick-rimmed frames are your go-to criteria for picking eyewear, whether it’s eyeglasses or sunglasses. You want to avoid narrow frames unless they are bigger vertically.

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men glasses for big faces
Big Wig wide-fit sunglasses are super for large faces- Buy them at now !!
cat-eye glasses for big faces
Large faces love Vint & York Zelda oversized cat-eye glasses – Make them yours !

Closing thoughts

Choose an eyewear pair that will not only balance your features, but also complement your personal style. Make sure they’re a pair that make you feel comfortable and, even more importantly, confident.

glasses for oval face shape
The Dapper square frame – Shop them at Vint & York now !

Each style has different variants , so it’s a matter of trying on the style you like and checking out different models. If you really love aviator or cat-eye glasses, but you’re afraid of how they’ll sit on you, try on different pairs of the style, smaller or larger. Some are rounder, whereas others have more of a square shape, so there’s a match for everybody!

Don’t forget you can check out how you look in Vint & York glasses with our Virtual try-on app .This widget transforms your screen into a virtual mirror, in real-time, without even needing to snap a pic.Better yet, come to our NY store and play with the frames yourself.
best glasses for each face shape

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